Our Staff

We are founded by 2 RN’s!  We care that you are being given compassionate, competent assistance by all of our staff, especially our home health aides!  A member of our nursing team will always provide a free in-home evaluation and listen closely to your concerns.  You are the best one to know what you or your loved ones need!  We want to only assist in helping you provide that care.

Home Health Aides

Our Aides are hired by us after going through a stringent process.  They are verified through:

  • Extensive Background Checks
  • Drug screening
  • Reference Checks
  • Orientation by RN
  • Competency training
  • Client and family follow-up

Please also keep in mind that we want you to feel comfortable in your home!  You have the right to refuse or accept any person that enters your home.  We will work with you on an the ideal person to provide care for you or your loved ones.

Contact us today to schedule your free evaluation! https://northeastmihhc.com/contact-us/

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